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Are you afraid of your current IT Guy or Computer company?

If you are unhappy with your computers, but are afraid of retaliation call us right away! We will be right there immediately to secure your systems from outside access and provide you with a comprehensive plan

(631) 225-4535

Network Setup, Repair, & Troubleshooting

Our on-site networking solutions include, but are not limited to, creating a networked infrastructure allowing employees to communicate securely, sharing important information, and keeping everyone aware of important dates with shared calendars. We can bring your company up to date by setting up wireless networks, and we can make your existing wireless network secure! Our experienced and certified technicians can troubleshoot most networking problems and have your company back on its feet in no time.

Data Recovery, Migration, & Backup

A company's data is in fact the company. If any of this data is lost or damaged, it could cripple any company, even one at the top of its game. Handling your business's data is one of Executive Computer Services World's specialties. We have many ways of recovering damaged or corrupt data, migrating data from a non-working machine, and backing up critical data. Using industry-standard and award-winning best practices, we setup multiple forms of data backup in three recommended stages. Remember, a company's data is the company.

Server Replacement Repair, & Installation

A company's server is one of its most vital pieces of networking equipment. A server is the heart of a network and when it stops beating that can spell disaster. Our technicians can come up with swift solutions to replace or repair the servers in your company. There are many fail-safe options that will prolong the life of your server and the data it contains and our technicians are prepared to choose a method best suited to your needs.

Workstation Repair & New PC Installation
Fast , Reliable Email
& Interoffice Calendars

We can get your email up to speed in no time. Reliable email and interoffice calendars -- across your company's computers, phones, and tablets -- are critical to most businesses these days.  Many companies think they must stay using antiquated systems that are slow, unreliable, and completely insecure, but Executive Computer Services World will get you situated with a modern email system is crucial to fast-paced business communication.


Feeling slow or outdated? We can update and install workstations as well as provide training on the new equipment. We can also repair workstations within a reasonable cost or recommend other courses of action. Protecting the data in these workstations will be a priority -- we can migrate your legacy systems over to newer, more reliable workstations when needed.

This service is vital to any company who wants to grow. We can offer cost effective and long lasting solutions to update your company's infrastructure without interrupting your flow of business. In many cases, a company's most expensive assets become the weakest link, but with Executive Computer Services World by your side, you can rest easy that your tech infrastructure is current and sound.




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